Why Should We Care About Good Nutrition?

Good nutrition is having the nutrients we need for our body to be healthy.

The nutrients come from the foods we eat. 

For example, from an orange, our body receives folate (vitamin B9), potassium, thiamin (vitamin B1), and as most of us know, vitamin C.

So, why should we care about good nutrition?

Don’t we all want our body to be healthy and act like it is supposed to?

In an orange alone, the folate helps in the production of red blood cells, encourages cell and tissue growth, and aids in DNA synthesis and repair.  Potassium helps to improve kidney function by flushing out excess sodium in the body through the kidneys.  Too much sodium will increase your blood pressure as well as increase your risk of heart issues.  Thiamin helps your body maintain a healthy metabolism and makes sure cells throughout your body are able to grow and work like they are supposed to. Last, but definitely not least, is vitamin C.  We know it is good for colds but it also helps protect cells from free radical damage and is needed for the growth and repair of tissues throughout our body.

Wow, all this in an orange.  The key is that many things we eat give us only a small portion of what our daily need is. We have to have not only good nutrition, in the form of unprocessed foods, but also a variety of foods, so our nutrients are balanced.
What happens when we don’t have enough of a certain nutrient?
Let’s look at vitamin C.  Although rare in the United States, low vitamin C can cause gingivitis, make you prone to easy bruising and put your immune system at risk.  Just the immune system alone you don’t want to have in jeopardy. It is what protects us and helps us fight against diseases caused by pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites.
We are shortchanging our body when we do not get the nutrients we need to keep it healthy.  It’s important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables not just processed foods.  Our body needs the proper nutrients to feed our cells and keep us healthy.
Believe me, I know it is easier to stop and grab a hamburger and fries than to make dinner. It’s only recently that I have not been running through fast food joints.  For me, being diagnosed with Celiac Disease stopped that. No gluten means no bread so I stopped because of a specific health issue.
Could I be ill because of what I eat, or don’t eat?
What issues do you have that are possibly linked to lacking certain vitamins or minerals? Some health issues we have may have to do with our diets and the nutrients we are not taking in.  We also need to remember we are talking about not only our health but our family’s health.
I’ll be addressing nutrients in other articles but I wanted to just give you a taste, so to speak, of the importance of good nutrition.
What have you eaten that you immediately feel an unpleasant effect from?
Have you had a health issue that is directly related to foods you have been eating?
Leave a comment and let’s talk!!


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