Healthy Living

Since I am not a medical person, I wanted to write some simple definitions, in regular people language, and let you know a little of what I envision will be addressed in each section. Just remember, I am a woman and can change my mind!!

Emotional Health:  An emotionally healthy person can control their emotions and their behaviors. (ex. They don’t fly off the handle when someone makes a nasty comment. They don’t punch a wall when they get a bad grade). How do we learn not to let emotions overtake us, to stay calm, focused and to think logically when something happens in our life that is hurtful or upsetting?

Food/Nutrition:  The food we eat has nutrients to help our bodies function properly.  What health benefits can we get from different foods (ex. Why add chia seeds to your diet).

Mental Health:  Most definitions I read talked about mental illnesses or disorders that can affect mood, behavior and thought patterns (depression, anxiety, eating disorders even addition fall into this category). Let’s get a better idea of what causes these types of issues and what we can do to help ourselves as we work alongside our medical professionals.

Physical Health:  Proper care of our body to be able to perform normal everyday activities. Some definitions incorporate the mental and emotional health into this also for an overall state of well-being. What activities will increase our physical health? This will encompass exercise as well as relaxation techniques, etc. We’ll see where this goes!  It’s all an adventure.

Recreation/Leisure:  What do we do to relax and recharge ourselves once we leave work or get to go out of the house without the kids? Fun activities, the things we enjoy doing when we can do whatever we want.

Relationships:  The ways we are connected to others and interact with each other. Are they healthy or do we need boundaries? Things like communication and body language I’m thinking.


Toxins:  These are poisonous substances that harm our bodies and the environment. Let’s see what ways we can minimize these in our lives. We can’t control the exhaust from cars, but we can control what chemicals we use to clean our homes or our bodies.

Work/Life balance:  Staying later and later at work? Missing your son’s ball game? Again? Feeling like you have no time to relax? We’ll look at ways to organize your life so you can feel more fulfilled at the end of the day.