foeniculum vulgare

Fennel has been used since the Middle Ages and history has it that warriors consumed it before battle to make them strong and courageous.  This fresh, sweet, spicy oil can be used to soothe digestive issues such as nausea, flatulence, and vomiting even colic. It helps relieve menstrual cramps and PMS, as well as it can stimulate the flow of breast milk.  Also, as an astringent, it can be used for acne, rosacea and clogged pores.

Blends well with geranium, rose, lavender and sandalwood.


Boost feelings of courage and strength:  Diffuse.

Colic:  Dilute 1 drop and apply to the baby’s abdomen.

Complexion:  Add 1-2 drops to your face cream or to coconut oil for a moisturizer to revive dull skin.

Digestion:  Take internally by adding 1-2 drops to water or tea.

Menstrual cramps and PMS: Apply 2-3 drops to 1 teaspoon of a carrier oil (coconut oil, almond oil, etc.) and apply to abdomen. Can also add 1-2 drops to water or tea and take internally.

Therapeutic Properties:

Circulatory Stimulant
Digestive stimulant


Do not use if pregnant, prone to seizures or have epilepsy. Do not use internally for more than 10 days. Dilute before topical use.

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