Analgesic:  an agent that relieves pain

Antianxiety:  anxiety reducing

Antibacterial:  destructive to or effective against the growth of bacteria

Antibiotic:  a substance that will seek out and destroy bacteria that causes infections

Antifungal:  destroying fungi or suppressing the growth of fungi

Antidepressant:  relieve or prevent depression

Antihistamine:  a drug that is used to treat allergic reactions and colds

Anti-inflammatory:  counteracting inflammation, used to reduce inflammation

Antioxidant:  substances (i.e. minerals or vitamins) that help protect cells from free radical damage

Antirheumatic:  a substance used to treat or reduce pain, stiffness, and/or joint damage connected to inflammation of the joints

Antiseptic:  prevents or stops the growth of germs

Antispasmodic:  able to prevent or relieving spasms

Antiviral:  destroying or stopping the growth of viruses

Calmative:  having relaxing or sedative effects

Carminative:  relieves gas

Carrier oil:  an oil used to dilute an essential oil before it is applied to the skin.  It is used for “carrying” the essential oil onto the skin.

Circulatory:  dealing with circulation or the circulatory system

Decongestant:  medication that relieves congestion

Diffuse:  to spread over a large area

Dilute:  reduce the strength

Diuretic:  increases the amount of urine

Emmenagogic:  promoting menstruation

Expectorant:  promotes the release of mucus from the respiratory tract

Immune support:  helps boost the immune system

Insecticidal:  destroys or controls insects

Neat:  not diluted

Nervine:  soothes or calms the nerves

Patch test:  on a small area of skin, the size of a nickel or so, apply a small amount of essential oil and wait for 24 hours to see if there are any adverse reaction at the location

Phototoxic:  makes skin sensitive to sunlight and UV light

Relaxant:  causing relaxation, help muscles to relax

Sedative:  calming or soothing

Stimulant:  a substance that produces a temporary increase of the functional activity

Therapeutic:  treating and promoting healing

Tonic:  improves and/or strengthens function

Topical:  apply directly to a specific area of the body

Vermifuge:  destroys or expels parasites from the intestines

Volatile oil:  an oil that vaporizes rapidly