Coaching – The way I would love to help you! 

A coach is someone who gives instruction or advice. My job is to work with you to learn what essential oils you should use to enhance your health, your family’s health and your environment. There are a few ways to do this…..

• Do you have specific health issues that we can work on together?

• Do you want to learn about body care products that do not contain chemicals?

• Do you want to have a less toxic home environment?

• Do you want a quick and easy non-toxic first aid kit available?

Essential oils have been used for centuries. They are natural, powerful, plant-based medicine loaded with many therapeutic properties. Doesn’t it make more sense to use something natural as opposed to adding more toxins to your body and environment?

As a Certified Essential Oil Coach, I have the training to help you find the oil or oil blends to help ease many symptoms of common (and not so common) health issues.

Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from side effects of medications. That’s scary!
Many of the side effects are caused by the synthetic chemicals used in the product. Also, many products we use today are loaded with toxins and just removing some of those products and replacing them with essential oils will help improve your health.

Remember, our bodies will always process natural ingredients more efficiently than man-made ingredients. That is where I come in. To help you find healthy, natural solutions to feel better, keep your family feeling better and improve your environment.

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We can talk about how you can make the transition to a healthier, happier you.