I’m Alison Holzfaster

There are a few things that led me to start I MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES! Not to bore you, but it will help you understand why I want to help you, my reader, have a better, happier and healthier life.

After a hectic few years helping elderly parents and in-laws I felt stretched to the max, but I have finally, made some good choices that have turned my health and life around. After years of depression and always living tired and dragging through life, I made a decision to go through the Functioning for Life program at the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine in August 2017. Have you ever thought to yourself I’m tired of being tired? I could hardly remember the last time I had consistently felt good. Well, that was me, but within a few weeks of making some changes, I felt great! Then I had an epiphany, there must be others like me who are just tired of being tired.

As things have finally calmed down a bit, I have energy and a great outlook. I am more focused and have made some really good habits. I know there is so much more to learn and share to help others who are TIRED OF BEING TIRED. I wanted to be able to help others make changes that can enhance their life. As a mid-lifer, I want to be healthy and enjoy my life as I enter the next chapter. Retirement is coming up fast and I want to have the energy to have a blast!

Sometime during this Functional Medicine process, I started reading about essential oils. I knew essential oils could be great smelling but the more I learned about them and medical studies showing their many health benefits, well, I got hooked.

I know I would prefer to do something natural when possible to help me feel better. Another epiphany, there must be others who would feel the same, hey, I could help them!! I decided (made a choice) to become a Certified Essential Oil Coach. I want to mention here that I am not a representative for any essential oil company or distributor. I feel really strongly that I want you to know, 100%, I want to help you to the best of my ability and it is not about selling to you. I am happy to make recommendations, but the decisions will be yours. That is just my thing!

My goal is to share, in a fun but informative way, the information that can help you make good choices. It may be information about the benefits of a particular essential oil, a book or product review, information from a medical study or a great story that you can glean a little tidbit of hope from.

I want to throw ideas out to you that will help you make good, healthy, life choices so you can stop doing life (like I was, running like a chicken with her head cut off) and start living life. A life of health, happiness and fulfillment. All by your own choices!!

Stick with me, send me your questions, topics you would like to see discussed and comment on posts, so I know what interests you. Because this is about YOU!!

My prayer is for each of you to live healthy, happy, and fulfilled lives.


Some other tidbits if you are interested:

  • I have a wonderful husband. We met online 14 years ago. Seven weeks later got married. Did I mention – crazy!!
  • Between us, we have 4 kids and 7 grandkids and one on the way! (yep, I’m the youngest grandma on earth!)
  • I am a 13-year breast cancer survivor.
  • I LOVE peeps!! Yep, those super cute little bunnies full of marshmallow and sugar goodness. I am not supposed to eat them as I have a sugar sensitivity so now I get the stuffed animal peeps!
  • Oh, and although I think I am a go with the flow kind of gal, my daughter once was shocked by my saying that and she told me I wasn’t. Guess what, I really thought about it and she was right.
  • So, I am not a go with the flow person – maybe every now and then I am. Ok, it just makes me happy to think that.
  • I have 2 adorable dogs. Lu, a sweet white schnauzer and Sissy, a wild and crazy 7 pound (on a fat day) Yorkie.
  • Surprise! I am not perfect (how boring that would be!), but I do my best.